Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer does not have a blend tool to interpolate between objects.

This software does not have a blend tool.  Not a layer blending function, but a tool that can interpolate from one object to another, generating automatically user-specified steps of intermediate shapes and colors.  I did not realize this tool was missing from Affinity Designer when I bought it, and words cannot describe my disappointment then.  I read the forum posts, was under the impression that something like it was on developer's (since removed) 1.x roadmap, and got my hopes up.  I thought just a minor release or two and I could stop using Corel Draw, which I preferred over Adobe Illustrator.  It has been years and many updates, but no blend tool.  I thought everyone loved the blend tool, that is why Inkscape has it, too.

Dear Serif folks, your users have been asking about the blend tool for years, you acknowledged that it was important, and it is still missing in action.  Removing the roadmap was rather puzzling; why hide it?  Roadmaps help set expectations for your customers.

I am writing this post to help people like myself years ago, who naively expected such useful and frequently used function to be present in a vector graphics software, to decide if this software is right for them.  By downloading and experimenting with desktop trial versions.