Mission Statement

My ultimate goal is to perfect a portable software engine that provides easy access to graphics and technology so that users can build an ecosystem of applications quickly and experiment.

Just like seeing work of artists or writers in galleries and libraries, or people building things out of LEGO bricks, there should be an outlet for people that are technical and creative. This media creates user-generated interactive experiences that may mimic off-the-shelf video games. Or bite-sized offerings that a single person can put together with a few hours of free time. It is not necessarily about polish and programming finesse; it is a way to capture ideas that appears suddenly and disappears quickly. Build a prototype, see it work before refining and iterating.

We already have platforms for publishing words or sharing images. And HTML5 is enabling interactive experience that entertains, educates and inspires visitors. But building these pages require testing with different browsers with varying level of HTML5 compliance, writing JavaScript code to handle little quirks and glue frameworks together. I want to minimize this type of grunt work, by taking the time to design and develop an engine exposing consistent APIs to do the heavy lifting. At the same time it'll help me learn the math and algorithms and grow into a better engineer with Wacky Mango.