Recore has some serious issues that takes away from the nice character and robots that I really want to like.

Slow Loading Times

Nothing steals the fun away faster than a slow boring loading screen that one must wait through. Made a mistake and died? It could take minutes for the level to reload just so that the game can kill you in 30 seconds again. Completing the game is definitely a character-building process, helping all players to learn patience and self-control, not throwing controllers at the painful loading screen.

Iffy Control Response

The games seems to have a real hard time accepting user input. I am not sure if it is badly designed enemy attacks that leave players no recovery options or just game not keeping up with input; the controls and cameras like to fail at the most inopportune time rendering me helpless and watch entire health meter of my character disappear in two hits. Why do enemies spawn endlessly? Frustration follows then as now I have to endure the slow loading screen. Sigh.

Slow Reloading Times

Did I mention this already? Yes, my apologies. But it is so, so, so, annoying like this.


This is really starting to piss me off.

I really wanted to like the game, and I thought the first few hours were full of promising elements such as the voice acting, puzzles, and core extraction mechanic. Then it felt like hitting a wall where everything that is wrong all came together and I just don't feel like playing anymore.

Games should at the very minimum entertain people, if you are punishing your players with bad camera angles and controls, cut scenes that cannot be skipped, enemies that appears suddenly, or long waits between retries, you have not done enough testing and failed the very same people that paid for the game.

Is This Game Finished?

Am I supposed to find 5 robots instead of 4? Sigh.